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Swimming past the violent dissonance...

...to the understanding chorus of love.

8 September
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Definitions for the Non-Definable
Colored so brightly
As waves on a sunkissed ocean
Numerous vines
Intoxicating rhymes
What is real, and
What is illusion?
Minor definition.
This is the purest recreation
Colors so bright...
Waves on a sunkissed ocean

I dream in incredible picturesque scenarios. I am quite often the observer, and I remember almost every night a different dream. My dreams are so real, that I often have trouble distinguishing between dreams and reality.

The story lines are usually very intense, and run parallel to actual events in my life. They're so very intense in color, scenery, and emotions. I sometimes wake up sobbing, or laughing, and they linger in my head for days. They aren't often completely bizarre, but rather, they have real plots that tend to influence my mood for the next day by my interpetations.

So, here is where I record, reflect, wonder...